Custom Design We offer quality screen printing and embroidery services. We have long term partners in the
industry. Our Decoration process is pretty straight forward. If you require a quote please do
not hesitate to email your logos through to and we will be
able to provide you with a customised quote.
1. Local order decorating Services: Screen printing & Embroidery 2. Indent Order Indent Orders R Us I. We use WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories in
China to do all indent orders. No sweat shop labours are ever used. You have peace of
mind buying Blue Whale apparel or customised apparel made by Blue Whale.
II. We have in house fashion designer/graphics designer to help with your artwork,
garment design and professional garment grading and specifications.
III. The same person from our experienced team will quote your job, process the order,
deal with the factories and follow the production throughout the entire process. This
eliminates any possible mistakes which can occur if the order goes through many
IV. We deal with the same people of the same factories year after year with one of the
factories of our own. The factories always have good understanding of our
requirement. Using the same factories can assure repeat orders to be done easily
without going through all the details again.
What can we do via Indent Orders Any garment from Blue Whale stock service catalogue or from this website can be indent
ordered. Most garments of your own design or from our competitors' catalogues can be
indent ordered.
We are experienced in most types of fabric used in today's fashion industry and work wear
industry, such as breathable soft shell layered fabric and all types of cool dry / hi vis fabric.
We are experienced in most types of decorations used in today's fashion industry such as
felt appliqué, silicon printing and sublimation printing. We are also experienced in most and
newest clothing accessories used in modern fashion and work wear such as waterproof
zipper and segmented reflective tape, all complying with relevant Australian and New
Zealand Standards.
One of special features of Blue Whale indent orders is Compressed T-shirt. The compressed
T-shirt with full colour printed inserts can strengthen your message and maximise effect of

T-shirt advertising. Many custom shapes of your choice can be realised in a compressed T-

The minimum order quantity for indent orders starts from 500. Lead time of indent orders
ranges from 6 to 13 weeks via sea freight or 4 to 10 weeks via airfreight.